CCCI offers audio and speech data collection services which include collecting audio data and speech data and transcribing speech data into the text in almost all industries.

The Ultimate Guide on Data Collection for Speech Recognition

Data is a collection of information collected and acquired through a specific process and approach. The latest technologies that we have at present, feed on data. Nowadays, data is being collected through various forms whether manual or using advanced tools. Data is everywhere. By the mere presence of information, data can be obtained and compiled. Data collection evolves with [...]

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Why You Should Outsource Your Next Audio Data Collection Project

Many businesses today outsource from third-party companies to do a specific task, handle some operations, and provide services for their clients. Outsourcing is not new; in fact, in the year 2019, the global outsourcing market approximately amounted to 92.5 billion US dollars with North America as the leading market for outsourcing. Outsourcing brings many opportunities and benefits for your [...]

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3 Innovative Ways to Use Speech Recognition For Business

There’s no denying that speech recognition along with voice recognition made daily life more comfortable for everyone. Voice recognition allows AI to identify and decode human speech. Speech recognition, on the other hand, analyzes the delivery of speech patterns using Natural Language Processing (NLP). With these two technologies working together, prompt responses and immediate actions to your requests can [...]

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The Role of Audio and Speech Data in AI Voice Recognition

Technology has become a necessity in today’s society. People cling to new advancements that make their daily lives easier. An example of this is speech recognition. With speech recognition, people can easily unlock a door, search online through a voice assistant, detect suspicious behaviors in one’s account, and many more. But what are the building blocks of speech recognition [...]

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