Why Email Support Service is Important for Customer Support?

Key takeaways:

  • Customer support affects the loyalty of your customers.
  • Chat and email support have their advantages as platforms for communication.
  • An email support service can help businesses generate revenues.
  • Companies opt to outsource email support services to save time and money.
  • Customer support in Arabic is one of the most in-demand services worldwide.

Table of contents

  • The Role of Customer Support
  • The Differences Between Chat and Email Support
  • Benefits of Email Support
  • Outsourcing Email Support Services
  • CCCI – Professional Customer and Email Support Services

In any list of the important keys to business success, there is one thing you will always see: customer support. It should be on every list because the customer drives revenues! There are many ways to provide customer support. We are going to focus on your need for an email support service for your business.

According to Microsoft, 96% of consumers across the globe say customer service is an important factor in loyalty to a brand. What if, like any other business, you make a mistake that inconveniences your users? Well, 78% of consumers will still do business with you after, as long as you provide excellent customer service!

It has been established how your product or brand thrives with how you treat your users. How you connect with them before, during, and even after they choose you greatly affects your business. Let us take a deeper dive into customer support and highlight the importance of email support services.

The Role of Customer Support

Before, “customer support” was viewed as a cost center in every company. It used to need customer support agents who required managerial approval, and it is not available around the clock. Sounds like a nightmare for modern customers, right? Eventually, customer support evolved into better definitions.

Customer support is now the face of a company. It is a critical component of sales and is available anytime in any form. Agents are now empowered and fully capable of helping with questions and requests. Customer support now holds the future of businesses!

Providing excellent customer support is providing timely and compassionate help to your users. You put your customers’ needs on top, assuring them that you give them their money’s worth. When you excellently support them, they will most likely refer you to others, remain loyal, and even help you in your marketing opportunities.

Customers can reach you for support through email, phone, chat, social media, knowledge base documentation, and more platforms. More users have seen the convenience of chat and social media customer support as they can be accessed more quickly than other platforms, but the choice ultimately depends on your brand.

If you have not established customer support in your company yet, it is high time to do so. According to Hubspot, 58% of their surveyed customers said their expectations for customer service have increased after the pandemic. To make your support even more accessible, you can provide them in the most in-demand languages in business. These languages include:

  • Chinese
  • Arabic
  • Spanish
  • French
  • German

Note: Customer support is different from customer service. Customer support focuses on assisting customers with technical problems, while customer service deals with the customer experience and collaboration. Both play important roles in businesses.

Now, should you go for chat support or email support service? Learn the differences between the two platforms and understand how email support is your next best investment.

The Difference Between Chat Support and Email Support

Chat support is communicating with your customer to address their questions or concerns. When a customer wants to talk about your brand for any reason, you may respond to them promptly through chat. Through chat support, you can connect with your users on the spot, get a clear view of your pain points, and possibly land a conversion!

On the other hand, email support engages with your customers meaningfully but in a longer timeframe. You get to collect feedback and more detailed information about the concerns. Email support is best for customers who prefer to communicate through emails. It is also great for lengthy discussions, and it is excellent for documentation!

A survey by HubSpot showed that 62% of consumers from the US, UK, Australia, and Singapore prefer asking for customer support through email. Which one should you go for? Let us have a more straightforward look at the differences between chat and email support.

Chat Support Email Support 
Real-time and quick responseAsynchronous support
Multimedia supportMultimedia support within the clients

On the one hand, your customers do not have to wait long to connect with you through chat support. On the other hand, you and your customers will take longer to exchange responses through email support. But… You get to maintain an audit trail of issues!

The two platforms have their advantages, but we are here to nurture your email support needs. Let us explain the power of email support for your business.

Benefits of Email Support

Sure, instant replies for urgent questions are cool, but for concerns that need more details and discussions, email support is the best option. The email support importance in business is unquestionable even though it presents limitations. It is more challenging to scale, but it is still a mainstream mode of communicating with users. Email support is also…

Available round the clock

Whether you are in the office or out to have lunch, you can receive and send emails anytime and anywhere. That means you get to receive your customers’ concerns 24/7! Your customers can reach out to you whenever convenient for them and you can quickly come up with an action plan.

Cost-efficient and sales-generating

Email support systems can be integrated into other channels. Moreover, sending an email costs the same regardless of distance and the number of recipients. You can save time and money, and possibly increase return on investment!

Detailed, confidential, and traceable

Customers can present more detailed information on their queries, and you can provide more detailed solutions. This way, customers can feel that you take their concerns seriously. It is also possible to attach files, such as bills, tickets, screenshots, and other relevant documents! 

Unlike in social media, these discussions are not available to the public, so customers can rest assured that their information is safe and secure. Lastly, emails with ticket numbers or IDs are easy to trace and track. You and your customers can always go back to what you have previously discussed.

Email support is perfect for busy customers. And you can easily conduct customer feedback, too! The benefits of email support push many businesses to outsource email support services. Let us find out why.

Outsourcing Email Support Services

When you outsource email support services, you trust a third-party service provider to handle your business’ customer email support. That means they will receive and reply to your customers’ emails even during busy times and outside your operational hours.

Services like these are the soul of Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) companies. Customer support, whether it is chat or email support, is crucial for your business’ success, but you cannot deny that it will take a lot of your time if you do it yourself. When you outsource email support services, you can allot your budget and time without compromising anything.

You have to consider the languages of your customers as well. The more customers you have across the globe, the more languages you cater to. As mentioned earlier, there are popular languages for customer support. You might need to provide customer support in Arabic, French, and German!

It would be more efficient and productive to have a whole team focus on email customer support alone. Additionally, email support service providers are experts in the field, so there is no need to spend extra time and money on training.

Pro Tip

Pro Tip

Only work with professional customer support service providers. Trust the team that can expertly represent your brand to your customers. They may be third-party service providers, but they still bring your name with them in their performance!

Outsourcing services, especially email support, helps companies boost their sales and succeed in many ways. Are you ready to take the first step? CCCI is eager to help!

CCCI – Professional Customer and Email Support Services

What does your business need? Email support. Who can help you with it? CCCI.

At CCC International, we ensure that customers are dealt with security, efficiency, and most importantly, empathy. We constantly aim for our multilingual BPO services to help businesses expand horizons for new overseas opportunities. We assist in bringing additional profit and increasing the customer base.

Our team can hit two birds with one stone. We are on top of our email support service and translation service! We specialize in game customer support in up to 30 languages. We are also leading in translation services in other industries, including Arabic language support, French, and German.

CCCI knows the importance of customer service in every business. Let us handle your customer email support while you focus on the other needs of your company. We are waiting for your email. Get in touch with us!

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