FAQs about CCCI’s general and specialized translation services

What types of document translation services do you offer?

As a professional multilingual translation company, CCCI operates across Europe, Asia, and the US by providing the following document translation services:  marketing or commercial document translation, computer or technical document translation, economic and financial document translation, administrative document translation, government document translation, automotive and manufacturing translation, scanned document translation, transcript translations, etc.

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What is your document translation process?

The main stages of our document translation process include translation, checking, proofreading, and finalization. We strive to provide quality and fast translation. Hence, we take responsibility for the project quality and management even after delivery. Send us your project at hi@ccci.am or contact us via our website’s contact form to get detailed information about our operation.

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What are the key factors for website translation?

The key factors to take into account while translating your website are language and its dialects, cultural elements, transactional elements, jargon and other technical terms, etc.  Our experienced team has helped businesses adapt their websites to reach new customers in multiple languages with our website translation services. 

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Should I translate my entire website?

When trying to expand your business into international markets, one of the first logical steps towards the internationalization of your activity is translating your website. Within your budget, you can order either the entire translation of your website or the translation of some important web pages like product landing pages, special offers, brand messages, etc.

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Why do I need to translate my website into other languages?

Multilingual website translation expands the target audience of any business. International brands try to attract customers, increase their site visit rates from around the world, and increase their sales by providing localized and translated websites. Moreover, multilingual websites greatly improve your positioning in foreign markets and give an opportunity to reach thousands of new visitors and potential clients online. 

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